Julian Nyland Furniture

Herbal Solid Wood Furniture - The Healthy Way To Live

Solid Wood and Bamboo Furniture / Chair Julian NylandBeautiful furniture is a living art which we can enjoy everyday.  Solid wood is at the heart of this art and its beauty is unsurpassed by any artificial material.  Because wood is alive, the best finish is one which is totally natural and organic.  Our solid wood furniture is finished with natural herbal ingredients and is therefore unique in its appearance and charm.  Our herbal finish preserves the natural colour of the wood surface in its raw state.  All grains, joineries, and construction details are exposed as honestly as possible without compromising the durability and convenience aspects that today's modern lifestyle requires.


Trees - The Balance of Life, The Beauty of Nature

Trees are the living jewels of earth.   Our inspiration in designing and making furniture comes from trees around the world.  We select our trees from plantation forests and only create products which we can cherish beyond a lifetime.  We believe that making exceptional products which we can enjoy for generations to come is the ultimate respect we can give to trees and nature.

Because of our passion in making solid wood furniture, we have spent years researching and developing our own herbal finishing process.  The finishing process of any solid wood furniture is similar to giving the wood a new skin.  Our approach to finishing is inspired by the trees' growth process.  Not only are herbal colours more beautiful than artificial colours, they are better accepted by the cells of the wood.  Natural pigments, such as chlorophyls, are very compatible to the hemicellulose and lignin cellular structure of wood.  The natural aroma of wood combined with herbal scents will make any room healthy.